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I used to believe I would be successful if I did everything “right”.

I worked so hard to achieve in systems that were not created for me. While I questioned some of the structures, many of my beliefs were invisible and insidious. I didn’t realize that I felt overwhelmed, overworked and stuck because I was trying to succeed in a game that wasn’t designed for me to win. Then I burned out, and I woke up.


My burnout was a gift.


It helped me to see that…

  • I didn’t need to prove myself in order to have valid ideas and desires
  • The pendulum swing between people pleasing and needing to be right was sapping my energy
  • I didn’t want to disappoint others and was overworking myself as a result
  • I was afraid of feeling my feelings or showing emotion in case it made me look weak
  • My desire to control outcomes meant I poured energy into “fixing” things that didn’t actually matter — or over which I had no control
  • My perfectionism was keeping me from feeling pride in my work or taking creative risks
  • I was making life harder for myself and my family by putting a crazy amount of pressure on ALL OF US to be or do more than I thought we were


As a result of a lot of self-reflection and inner work, I learned that I can reprogram the beliefs holding me back and access unimaginable energy and power. I remembered that leaders aren’t the best rule followers; they’re the ones with the courage to invent their own game.

I invented my own game. I invite you to do the same.

Claim your space as a woman leader in every aspect of your life

Shift is about long-term growth and integration through community and coaching.


We meet you where you are and work with you to create the change you want over time. Through Shift, I share the tools, insights and practices that enabled me to shift my entire life—from always feeling behind or overwhelmed to having more fun, deeper relationships, satisfying work, more money, more adventure, and really, truly loving being me.  

You’ll also become part of a powerful sisterhood, with the opportunity to connect with and learn from other women in ways you’ve never before experienced.

Our Pillars


Focus & Prioritization

Energy Management

Processing Emotions

Cultivating Habits



Career Growth

Innovation Mindset


Money & Wealth


Managing People

Alignment & Trust

Sales & Persuasion

Negotiation & Intimacy


Every month, you're invited to bring your greatest challenges and questions to our live group call, so everyone can learn together. This is a collaborative virtual space where you determine what I teach. This is how I choose to play.

Let’s make it beautiful!

Join the Shift Community

“Through the support of the incredible women in the Shine+ programs I have been a part of, we have all grown deeper into ourselves and gained insights and skills that enable us to help those we work and live with to grow and thrive too.”

Shannon Hall
Facilitation & Community Engagement Specialist, Kindred Consulting


“I loved having the space to be human.
The group's feedback and support for each other was amazing, especially as we all got better at it with LJ's teachings and guidance.”

Beth Thouin
Growth Advisor, Beth Thouin Consulting

How we create the shift


1. Monthly virtual group sessions where you bring your questions, I bring my knowledge and tools from years of coaching founders, leaders and managers, and the whole group benefits from each other’s insights and breakthroughs. These sessions are recorded so you can access the replays at any time to benefit from all the learning.   


2. Weekly practices, exercises, guided journeys and meditations based on your desires and the places where you’re feeling stuck.


3. A resource library full of goodness: the tools, videos, practices and frameworks I share with my 1-on-1 and group clients—available to you at any time


4. Inside info and discounts on new Shine+ programs, plus preferred rates for 1-on-1 coaching with me

Shine+ Shift is unlike any other community of women you’ve ever experienced.


This is a space where you get to show up exactly as you are and learn from there.

You belong because you’re here, and you’re human, and you’re willing to do the work.

You get out of this experience what you put into it: the more you show up, the more you—and the community—will benefit. 

Working with LJ

“The biggest change in my life since joining Shine+ and working with LJ was a new confidence and outlook about myself and about life.”

- SC, Customer Experience Consultant


“LJ helped me see how much energy I was wasting on trying to do everything "right", learn to trust myself and focus on the most impactful actions for my business and my team.”

- SP, Marketing Director


“LJ uses super powerful frameworks — they are the kind of thing that makes you realize that anyone really can become an empowered communicator and a joyful leader with practice.”

- BG, Entrepreneur

Join the Shift Community


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