Work can feel like play

My mission is to help you get intentional and have fun in life and business, so you can live from purpose, step into your power, and get your message heard by the people who need it.

I’m Lauren Jane Heller.

Excitable human, adventurer, mom, writer, artist, coach and a big believer in the power of connection, presence and love to change the world.

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, I realized early in life that for me, settling for the status quo is infinitely more terrifying than plunging into the unknown. Rather than choosing a well-travelled path, I chose to forge my own: forever hustling and seizing opportunities — in documentary film, as a journalist, creating websites, writing for startups and eventually becoming a trusted voice in Canada's startup landscape. 

By all accounts, I was a success. But I was exhausted. I was marching to someone else's beat — always working so hard, taking things so seriously, so focused on being smarter, faster, better… that I forgot that my true magic is already deep inside me — that success isn't about what other people think but is achieved by living in alignment and connection with myself — with my purpose.

That's when I discovered coaching. Under the guidance of incredible leadership coaches and spiritual teachers, I gained a set of tools I didn't know existed. I learned how to step away from fear and scarcity and into joy and abundance. I started to listen to my body, tap into my emotions, let go of my future- and past-focused thought patterns and step into presence.

The real beauty was that it didn't just change my life — it started changing the lives of the people around me. By facing myself, by playfully overcoming my own obstacles, learning to recognize when I'm getting sucked into drama and dysfunction, and sharing my enthusiasm for what I was learning, I noticed that my friends and family started doing the same.

It became imminently clear that sharing this way of being was my calling.

I quit my job, dived into learning and creating mode, and jumped into coaching. I now work with leaders and teams to bring alignment, clarity and joy into their lives and workplaces. I spread my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm — sharing tools, stories and insights to help others to step into their power, communicate with clarity, and become the bold, courageous leaders the world deserves.

What People are Saying

“Lauren’s insight and guidance has helped me to be intentional and figure out how to tell my story — not only to my clients but also to myself.”

Tereska Gesing
Co-founder, Closet Core Fabrics

“LJ helped me see how much energy I was wasting on trying to do everything "right", learn to trust myself and focus on the most impactful actions for my business and my team.”

Sandra Polak
Director of Marketing, Signal AI

LJ helped me get clear on who I am and why, and how I can live in integrity with myself. You think you know yourself, but there's so much more to learn.

Beth Thouin
Growth Advisor, Beth Thouin Consulting

Get clear. Get aligned. Be shiny. 

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