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What We Do

We host coaching programs, retreats, and events for ambitious women looking to grow in their careers and lives. We teach storytelling, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence using connection, mindfulness, and play. See our upcoming programs for more information.

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Our Mission

We help free ambitious women from the beliefs and behaviours that keep you small and grinding — so you can have outsized positive impacts on your organization, community and the world. 

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Gain confidence,
influence + ease

Feel empowered to take on leadership, whether that means getting a promotion, starting a new career path, or growing your business.

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Meet LJ Shine+ CEO and mindset and leadership coach

Hi! I'm LJ

I am a mindset and leadership coach who works with ambitious women leaders to overcome impostor syndrome, overwhelm, and the other blocks that get in the way of their success in business and life.

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LJ helped me see how much energy I was wasting on trying to do everything "right", learn to trust myself and focus on the most impactful actions for my business and my team.

Director of Marketing @ Signal AI

“Lauren’s insight and guidance has helped me to be an intentional leader, operate with conviction and tell motivating stories — not only to my clients and employees but also for myself.”

Co-founder @ Closet Core Patterns

“The frameworks LJ uses are super powerful — the kind of thing that makes you realize that anyone really can become a great communicator and empowered, joyful leader with practice.”


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